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Electric Truck Services

Green Logistics

With a click of a button, we ensure safe and affordable delivery of your cargo to your drop off point conveniently through green logistics by use of fully electric cargo trucks.

Carriage Insurance

We always do our best in serving our customers and give them a satisfied impression With cargo insurance, we ensure that the value of goods are protected against potential losses which may occur during land transportation.

Cargo Tracking

Use our tracking service to have the ability to see — in real-time — where a cargo delivery is at any given time. Cargo tracking lets our customers trace and prepare for both pickup and drop off deliveries.


Book instantly or later for cargo delivery using our mobile apps or web booking interface. With these platforms, users can plan, execute and optimize the activities involved in cargo transportation with convenience.

Charging & Maintenance

SafeLori’s complete EV Truck makes charging and maintaining the EV Truck easy for drivers. The EV Truck charges in less than 60 mins at SafeLori charging depots that will be located at the main EV Truck stages. SafeLori’s expert-trained EV Truck technicians will provide service and maintenance.