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Pay To Drive And Own

Own An Electric Cargo Truck by just driving

At SafeLori, we understand that the owner's most significant concern in adopting an electric vehicle is the upfront cost. That is why we designed Drive to Pay and Own.

At SafeLori, we have designed a Drive-To-Own Model for Electric Cargo Trucks to solve the upfront cost issue that most owners are concerned about.

Drive to Pay and Own allows owners to purchase the EV cargo Truck without worrying about the expensive Batteries, Fuel, and Oil costs thus making the upfront cost similar to a traditional diesel Truck.

Drivers/Owners can access our Drive-To-Own subscription service which covers the battery plus charging, service, maintenance, and warranty. Drivers make daily payments directly to SafeLori or deductions from SafeLori driver apps based on kilometers driven, giving the driver a life-changing opportunity of owning an electric Truck.

The Benefits of Drive to Pay and Own